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At Metzke + Allen we are in the business of providing innovative financial education to our clients. We see it as part of our role to educate our clients on how to best protect their financial wellbeing now and into the future through Estate Planning.

Although sometimes seen as an uncomfortable topic, Estate Planning is one of the necessities of life. It offers you peace of mind that in the event of your death or disability, your wishes are followed and your loved ones looked after.

Benefits of an Estate Plan:
- To prevent or reduce financial hardship for those loved ones you leave behind
- Ensure your affairs are properly managed
- Minimise the chance of dispute and legal challenge and allow you to pass on your assets to your next of kin
- Considers all your assets, from real-estate, to companies, to trusts and superannuation
- Records the complexity and options of superannuation on death or disability
- Outlines business succession and continuation plans
- Takes into consideration both your personal and financial goals
- Clearly outlines your wishes to allow them to be honoured effectively
- Minimise tax implications

By speaking with one of our Estate Planning specialists, we will provide clarity on your current situation, highlight important areas to address and, educate you on the stages you need to follow to prevent financial heartache for the family and loved ones you’re leaving behind. We can also provide your family with a Crisis Management Plan that clearly outlines where everything is located, who they need to speak with and what important questions they need to ask in the event of your death.

To determine your Estate Planning needs and to start planning towards your financial future, please contact Russell Allen on (03) 5822 8900