You and Metzke+Allen? Be the best you can be.

Thank you for considering applying for a position with Metzke+Allen.

A career with us provides an excellent opportunity for you to extend yourself in a challenging, vibrant and professional environment. Flexible working conditions, the capacity to further your qualifications and a supportive work environment are just a few things that we provide in order for you to have a long, rewarding and beneficial relationship with us as an employee.

Advice for Applicants

Before submitting your application we ask that you read the information below so that your application meets our requirements.


Read the position description and any other related documentation. Then contact our office if you have any queries to ensure that the position is what you think it is.

What we will do

We will acknowledge your application;

We will keep your application confidential and not discuss it with anyone outside of the process;

We will assess your application on merit;

We will notify you of the outcome in a timely manner.

Metzke+Allen employ approximately 40 people in our Shepparton office. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your career path confidentially, please contact our office on (03) 5822 8900 or email [email protected]