Metzke + Allen Chartered Accountants has a long and dignified history. The firm now known as Metzke + Allen was originally established in 1960.

1960 – The National Chartered Accounting firm of Wilson, Danby + Giddy opens an office in Shepparton to cope with the increasing service needs of their Goulburn Valley clients. This firm would later become the Metzke + Allen business we know today.

1970 – Frank Metzke joined the firm after commencing his career with another firm in Shepparton. Metzke + Allen’s longest serving employee John Harrington also commenced work with the firm in the same year.

1971 – The firm merged with another firm nationally to become known as Wilson, Danby, Perry + Johnson.

1974 – As a result of another merger the firm became Yarwood, Vane + Co, which also meant a shift to larger offices at 219 Wyndham Street in October 1974 was required.

1980 – The national firm of Deloitte Haskin + Sells is formed after the merger of several accounting practices across Australia including Yarwood, Vane + Co. This was also the year Russell Allen commenced with Deloitte Haskin + Sells in their Melbourne Office.

1983 – Frank Metzke joined the Deloitte Haskin + Sells Australian partnership.

1985 – The Shepparton Deloitte Haskin + Sells Office moves to 370 Wyndham Street.

1988 – After several years in the Deloitte Haskin + Sells Australian partnership, Frank Metzke leaves the partnership and purchases the Shepparton business to continue on.

1990 – Russell Allen after 10 years with Deloitte Haskin + Sells, including several in London, returns to the Goulburn Valley and commences work with the firm. The office expands into 368 Wyndham Street to make room for the increasing number of staff.

1992 – Russell Allen agrees to join the Metzke + Allen partnership.

1999 – After several years with the firm Geoff Cootes is invited to join the Metzke + Allen partnership.

2005 – After working closely together with Corporate Superannuation Services for a number of years, Metzke + Allen and Corporate Superannuation Services form a strategic partnership with Metzke + Allen purchasing into the business to become partners in the superannuation and financial advisory businesses.

2006 – Geoff Cootes leaves the Metzke + Allen partnership to pursue personal interests in the aviation sector, as a result of the change, Frank and Russell decide to incorporate the Metzke + Allen business.

2008 – The Metzke + Allen business continues to grow with Metzke + Allen acquiring the remaining interest in the Corporate Superannuation Services and Financial Portfolio Designers businesses which created the two new businesses of Metzke + Allen Superannuation Administrators and Metzke + Allen Financial Advisers. Along with this growth in business Metzke + Allen also introduced three new directors to the business, including Michelle Collins, Michael Milne and Gavin Napier. The Moorabbin Office relocates from its old premises during the year to the new offices at 999 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin.

2010 – Michael Milne leaves the Metzke + Allen partnership to pursue other interests leaving Frank Metzke, Russell Allen, Michelle Collins and Gavin Napier as Partners.

2011 - Metzke + Allen relocate to their new Office at 38-40 Welsford Street, Shepparton and launches their new logo.

2012 - Simon Law agrees to join the Metzke + Allen partnership. With the relocation to the Welsford Street address the decision was made to close the Moorabin office bringing all clients under the one roof.

2013 - Our firm was deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our esteemed founding director, Frank Metzke.  Frank was a leader and mentor to our firm, we will ensure his legacy continues.

2014-current - Our firm continues to offer clients our expertise and education. We see ourselves as a “Centre of Excellence” and central hub for clients to have all of their financial affairs aligned with their personal and business lives.

2017 – Metzke+Allen welcomes the Shepparton Accounting Services team and clients to our offices.